Mini-project 1: Mesh Hello World

CS 6501 - 2D/3D Shape Manipulation, 3D Printing

Due: Tues, Feb 11 (11:59 PM)

This project should be easy. The goal is to implement a simple mesh warping function Twist() which twists the vertices of a mesh (or feel free to experiment with other mesh warpings of your choice). This will make sure everyone can build, load, save meshes, and perform some simple operations on mesh vertices.

Starter Code

The C++ starter code can be used if you desire (you can also use your own code but I may not be as helpful if you get stuck).

Open the solution or run make to build meshpro and mesh_view. Now running mesh_view on a .off mesh will view it. I have included one mesh in the meshes subdirectory but more are available in a zip file. You can also download meshes from elsewhere and convert them to .off using programs such as trimesh2 or meshlab.

Your goal is to implement a simple warping operation in the method R3Mesh::Twist(double theta), in src/R3Mesh.cpp. One possible way to do this is:

After doing this you should be able to 'twist' any input mesh with the command meshpro -twist theta.


Feel free to collaborate on solving the problem but write your code individually.


Submit your assignment in a zip file named Include your code and a screenshot of a warped mesh. Submit your zip to UVA Collab.