CS 4810: Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring 2015

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Exams (30%)

There will be two midterm exams, accounting for 30% of your final grade. There will not be a final exam in this class. To help you prepare for these exams, I have posted copies of the exams from a previous year: Note that the midterms are closed-book, but you can bring a 8.5" by 11" single-sided cheat sheet to the midterms.

Programming Assignments (60%)

There will be three programming assignments, accounting for 60% of your final grade. The third programming assignment can optionally be replaced with a final project, which has the same number of points. This determination should be made by the end of March (selection of the final project topic should be made by then).

Class Participation (10%)

Your level of participation in class will account for the remaining 10% of your final grade.

Late Policy

All of the programming assignments are due at 11:55PM on the due date. You have 5 (discrete!) late days that you can use any time during the semester. After that, each late day reduces your grade by 1/2 (e.g., five late days results in 0.5^5*[original score]).

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss assignments with others, but everything handed in must be your own work. All code must be your own - you may not use code from your classmates, the Internet, or any other source without prior approval from the instructor. Sharing your code with anyone else or working with someone to write code are also violations of this policy. In situations where you have received pre-approval from the instructor to include external sources in your solution, you must still clearly document these sources in your final write-up.

Submitting Your Work