CS 6501: Large-scale Data-driven Graphics and Vision

Fall 2015

Instructor: Connelly Barnes

Course Summary

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Late Policy


Programming Policy

For projects, it is OK to seek the help of your peers or online resources. However, being able to write and debug your own code is very valuable for a computer scientist. Therefore, please submit code that you have individually authored.

Programming Assignments

To be announced.

Final Project


The final project can be in groups of 1 or 2 people. The final project should contain at least several hundred lines of code that you have written (or if there are 2 people, at least several hundred lines per person).

Final Project Submission Instructions:

Submit a writeup, screenshots of your project results, and code. If it is a group project, both people should contribute to the final writeup and code. The final project writeup should describe the problem, approach, and results. Screenshots of any images, or GUI associated with your project should be submitted. For full credit each person should write at least several hundred lines of code.