510 Rice Hall
85 Engineer's Way, Box 400740
Charlottesville, VA 22904
connelly AT cs.virginia.edu
My research interests are in computer graphics. My research focuses on creation and manipulation of image and video, and I am now also interested in 3D printing. I am particularly interested in by-example algorithms, machine learning in graphics, and making new creative tools that are inspired by the ways artists work.

I am currently recruiting Ph.D. students so let me know if you are interested in changing the world with new graphics technologies (see admissions). Charlottesville has great hiking, live music, is two hours from D.C., and has been rated a top place to live. The University of Virginia is ranked as #29 in Computer Science and #2 in public Universities.

I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2011. See my C.V. for more information.
Impact and Press Coverage
The PatchMatch technology that I researched for my Ph.D. was incorporated into Adobe Photoshop CS5 as content-aware fill. This received 8 million views on YouTube [1] [2], and was featured in press such as Popular Science and PC Magazine. In later Photoshop versions, Content-aware Move, Patch Tool, and Color Adapatation were built on this technology [3].

My collaboration on camouflage has been featured on Wired and Gizmodo, with 160,000 views on YouTube.
Graphics Publications (Google Scholar)
Synthesis of Complex Image Appearance from Limited Exemplars
Olga Diamanti, Connelly Barnes, Sylvain Paris, Eli Shechtman, Olga Sorkine-Hornung
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RealPigment: Paint Compositing by Example
Jingwan Lu, Stephen DiVerdi, Willa Chen, Connelly Barnes, Adam Finkelstein
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Stylized Keyframe Animation of Fluid Simulations
Mark Browning, Connelly Barnes, Samantha Ritter, Adam Finkelstein
NPAR 2014: Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
Style Transfer for Headshot Portraits
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Camouflaging an Object from Many Viewpoints
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CVPR 2014 (oral presentation)
Patch-based High Dynamic Range Video
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Halide: A Language and Compiler for Optimizing Parallelism, Locality and Recomputation in Image Processing Pipelines
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PatchMatch: A Fast Randomized Matching Algorithm with Application to Image and Video
Connelly Barnes
Ph.D. Dissertation, Princeton University, 2011
The Generalized PatchMatch Correspondence Algorithm
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Video Tapestries with Continuous Temporal Zoom
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Digital Bas-Relief from 3D Scenes
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Education Publications
Enhancement of Student Learning in Experimental Design Using a Virtual Laboratory
Milo Koretsky, Danielle Amatore, Connelly Barnes, Sho Kimura
IEEE Transactions on Education, 2008
Experiential Learning of Design of Experiments Using a Virtual CVD Reactor
Milo Koretsky, Sho Kimura, Connelly Barnes, Danielle Amatore, Derek Meyers-Graham
American Society for Engineering Education Conference, 2006. Award for best paper in Chemical Engineering.
The Virtual CVD Learning Platform
Milo Koretsky, Danielle Amatore, Connelly Barnes, Sho Kimura
Frontiers in Education Conference, 2006.
ThermoSolver: An Integrated Educational Thermodynamics Software Program
Connelly Barnes
Undergraduate honors thesis, 2006. Oregon State University Library
Other Resources
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